Interceptor Jensen was a car that was considered to be a dud when it comes out in the seventies. It has an old design and had a lot of buttons to function. Recently, people have been buying it as an artifact, and it is worth the money you spend on it. Good cars start around $40,000 and can easily stretch around $100,000. But there are few facts about this car that you will be surprised to learn.

Its arrival

During its arrival, Jensen Interceptor was a pretty expensive car but not as outrageously priced as today. It arrived in 1966, a 6.3-liter gas tank, 140 mph, and the car was priced at $3,700. This car was similar to Jaguar E-Type FHC but had a huge difference with its price tag.

After Mark III, the price difference was marked

In 1971, Mark III appeared, and there was a very visible price difference. The Interceptor has 72 liters from the latest Chrysler V8, although it was less powerful, it was good. It had 135mph top speed and had a similar build in 1974. The price of the car was $7,100, which was still low when compared to others like BMW 3.0CSi E9 and Aston Martin V8.

Its original production

The original production lasted for over ten years, and Jensen went bust in 1975 with the latest car being built earlier, following the stocks of parts. An attempt was made in 1989 to relaunch the car, and four years and 36 cars later, the compact was unsuccessful in doing so. The Interceptor was the car which was later revived in the year 2010 and is rebuilding cars rather than producing the new ones.

The series I car

Most Interceptors had a Chrysler Torque-Flite three-speed automatic, which has a few manual gearbox versions. The series II and III were automatic and had a special build when compared to the manual option. With this, you can easily convert the manual car into an expensive modern six-speed unit and Chrysler A-833 OD overdrive box.

The Original

The original Interceptor was built in Vignale in Italy. They are required to work on the remedial work on arrival at the Jensen factory, which the company later took to production fully. This was ironic as Jensen has lost its contract working with the original Volvo P1800 Coupe, which had its problems.

The King of Pin Type Front suspension

The Interceptor was originally used to change the CV8, which came with the new system has telescopic dampers, which allowed them to have revised Girling brakes, which can later be replaced with the original Dunlop and radial tires which can help you enjoy the standard power steering. These modifications were done and took place in 1969, which has an improved function, and s the MkII was launched.

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