Driving in style is a dream not all people have, but a faint visual of the Jensen Interceptor is sure to make anyone fall in love with the machine on four wheels. It has everything you look for in a classic car: the body molded by Vignale, automatic gearbox powered by American V8 with a smooth touch of vintage colors, assembly by English men, and the Italian styles. What people weren’t expecting during the launch of this car was the unveiling of a technologically advanced car. It has been named FF, deriving inspiration from the four-wheel-drive style of Ferguson Formula and the anti-lock brakes of Dunlop Maxaret. The later versions of these cars were accepted more because of the tweaks, making the original ones seem like outdated vehicles.

Although they had the limitations of the budget, all the features were installed without any compromises. Jensen moved to the construction process in Vignale, but Interceptors had established a position for itself. Multiple paint colors were available for the car, making it one of the most popular cars with the widest range of options. Specification variations and trim options were abundant with these cars, the sole reason for several celebrities to buy this monster. As time passed on, the sophistication of these cars made them under huge demand. If you are planning to buy any of these cars, here is a short guide on their prime features.

What to Pay Attention to

Oily engines and smoky exhausts can lead to rumbling during star-up; it could also be due to the worn V8. Copper gaskets can be used for the burnt valve in a leaking exhaust. Make sure no boiling or leak issues are currently affecting the ride.

Suspension of the car can be difficult to check for in heavily loaded cars, and Interceptor being one, you need to look into the maintenance part of it frequently. Sags can affect the rear springs, but make it a good ride by setting up the correct height with two fingers between wheel arch and tyre.


The Chrysler Torqueflite gearbox rarely fails and is cheap to rebuild. The interiors are designed with class, and the seats are covered in long-lasting leather upholstery. Since these cars’ electronics are complex than the other cars of that time, you must pay close attention to any sputtering sounds or similar issues.

Classic and Sport

Interceptor has this great classic GT with practical, stylish, and user-friendly designs, and you can buy it if you are ready to live with the mpg. When purchasing one, you need to look into the maintenance required. If they don’t need major bodywork, it is an excellent choice. Make sure you check all the aforementioned features and body strength before signing the papers. Both classic and sport versions of the Interceptor and FF are classy cars, but choosing one can be hard for some people. Go for the one that suits your needs. You can expect a near-supercar performance, striking designs, and comfortable driving with these cars. The areas you need to pay extra attention to are fuel consumption and rusting issues.

Jensen Interceptor and FF Buyer’s Guide

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